Direct attachment

A direct attachment on the underlying structure should be avoided if possible. Because this kind of attachment, by nailing, screwing or stapling, limits the ability of expansion for the zinc sheets. We recommend the length of the zinc sheets to a maximum of 3 meters. It should be noted that a fixed connection leads to bulging or even tearing the zinc apart. This can result in visual disfigurements and even moisture damage.

Indirect attachment

To enable the linear expansion of the material an indirect attachment is preferred. There are several types of clips available depending on the system applied:

  • fixed clip and sliding clip for the standing seam system
  • soldered sliding clip construction for horizontal standing seam cladding
  • fixed clip and sliding clip for the lozenge system
  • fixed clip and sliding clip construction for the roll cap system

The strength of the clip attachment on the substructure depends on the choice of fasteners (stainless steel screws, galvanized nails, staples, etc).

Adhesive joints

When a bonding with zinc against the substructure is applied, an adhesive without acidic components is preferable. To process these adhesives the guidelines of the manufacturers/supplier should be consulted. For building constructions that are leaning forward, an additional mechanical fastening is required.