When a dormer on a tile roof is covered with zinc, first the valley gutters are placed along the side bolsters of the dormer. These gutters will be connected to the existing standard gutter. The gutters are placed at the roof and to the side of the dormer by means of clips.

The side bolsters are fitted as façade cladding and secured with clips to the underlying wooden structure. The preference is for a standard system cladding such as a standard seam system. For small surfaces there is also the option of sheets connected to each other using hooked edges. The hooked edges also contain the clips for fixation to the woodwork. The clips must allow adequate expansion of the side bolsters, to prevent bulging.

Joints and connections should always have sufficient space to guarantee the thermal movement of the zinc. Especially with this kind of application it is advisable to fit the coverings prior to soldering, clipping or seaming to prevent problems due to the thermal effects. Only then it is possible to perform correctly with waterproof details.

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Benefits of a dormer roof

Where previously only parts of the dormer were clad in zinc, nowadays more and more dormers are clad entirely in zinc.

  • A zinc dormer gives your dormer a modern and tight appearance;
  • Because zinc is easy to process, you can create the desired shape in every detail;
  • Zinc is a durable material with a very long lifespan;
  • Zinc ensures a high insulation value;
  • Zinc is a natural product that requires no maintenance.

Why choose a dormer?

A dormer provides more space in the attic, enlarges the rooms and creates a comfortable ceiling height. Especially in times of rising property prices, more and more people are opting for an extension to their own home to increase living comfort. Without the high expense of a move and the costs of land transfer tax, the home actually becomes more spacious, lighter and thus more suitable for comfortable long-term living.

Average lifespan of a dormer roof

Zinc dormer roofs are very durable and maintenance free which results in a long life span. A dormer made entirely of zinc has a life span of more than 80 years. Do you opt for a basic plastic dormer with a zinc roof and zinc sides? Then the average lifespan is considerably lower. As zinc patinates, a complete zinc dormer is maintenance-free.

Zinc dormer in a different colour

In addition to NedZink NATUREL, NedZink also has various other colours in its range. You therefore have a choice of different colours and systems