The independent German institute Bauen und Umwelt e.V. (IBU) awarded NedZink an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for NedZink NATUREL, NedZink NOVA, NedZink NEO and NedZink NOIR.


These EPDs, which also received the ECO platform label, provide information about the product’s environmental data based on the lifecycle analysis or its ecological footprint. By comparing the various EPDs with one another customers can now choose an environmentally conscious product more easily. Following this certifi cation NedZink has taken a new step forward in terms of sustainability and quality.
The EPDs provide vital data for the environmental assessment of buildings as set out in the new European project for the “Sustainability of buildings”. In order for the independent IBU to objectively compare the environmental impact of NedZink NATUREL, NedZink NOVA, NedZink NEO and NedZink NOIR, it is tested and validated according to the ISO 14025, 14040 and 15804 standards. They examined the lifecycle analysis (LCA) of each of the three zinc products. The LCA is a tried and tested method, which makes it possible to assess and quantify the environmental impact of the product in every phase of its lifecycle. This includes, among others, CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption and air pollution. The EPDs can be compared based on these indicators, facilitating an environmentally conscious product choice.