Digital Newsletter

In addition to the standard natural titanium zinc, NedZink offers 6 different colors.
On the one hand 2 gray pre-weathered versions “NedZink NEO” and “NedZink NOVA“,
in addition a pre-weathered black version “NedZink NOIR“. If more color is desired,
we would like to refer to the “NedZink NUANCE” range.

All our pre-weathered products are protected with an anti-fingerprint coating.
This unique coating prevents fingerprints during assembly and optimizes
processing with machines. It gives a slightly shiny surface that will disappear over time.

For inspiration we would like to refer in this newsletter to a number of projects carried
out in pre-weathered NedZink material. On the one hand, an impressive barn house
where the entire roof and facades from ground level to the ridge are covered with
different widths of vertical standing seam strips in NedZink NOVA. In addition,
a Haarlem office where the beautiful NedZink NUANCE Green was chosen as a complementary
facade cladding for the vertical windows.

Do you have interest in our samples? Please click here or go to the button ‘request samples’.


NedZink NUANCE        Anti-Fingerprint         NedZink Colours            Private Home
Green Haarlem                  Coating                                                             NedZink NEO