Digital Newsletter

In addition to the standard natural titanium zinc,
NedZink offers 5 different colours. Including a pre-weathered version in a
mineral grey colour “NedZink NEO“, a pre-weathered black version “NedZink NOIR“.
If more colours are desired, take a look at our “NedZink NUANCE” range.

All our pre-weathered products are protected with an anti-fingerprint coating.
This unique coating prevents fingerprints during assembly and optimizes processing with machines.
It gives a slightly shiny surface that will disappear over time.

For inspiration we would like to refer in this newsletter to a number of projects
carried out in pre-weathered NedZink material. On the one hand, a private house
with a façade covered with standing seam profiles in NedZink NEO.
In addition, a Dutch office where the beautiful NedZink NUANCE Green was chosen as
a complementary facade cladding for the vertical windows.

Do you have interest in our samples? Please click here or go to the button ‘request samples’.


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