Wall copings

The principle of the capping can also be applied as a wall covering. It is recommended that at the top of the wall ends with a wooden structure to which the zinc wall covering can be secured. The covering must also be secured with clips to ensure thermal expansion. The same rules apply as those for zinc cappings concerning the expansion pieces.

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Why a zinc wall coping?

A zinc wall coping was originally developed to offer protection to façades and/or building structures. By ensuring that moisture or rainwater does not penetrate the wall, damage caused by mould or frost is prevented. Due to this high-quality material used, zinc wall copings are durable and maintenance-free. Long-term protection is provided by these copings. They can be fixed directly or indirectly, as in the case of parapets.

Wall copings perform several important functions:

  • Visually, it provides an attractive finish to your construction
  • Protection against moisture, water and frost
  • Protecting your wall construction joints in the long term
  • Improving the stability of your construction
  • Preventing mould and other inconveniences

Buy a zinc wall coping

To protect your structure or building, a titanium zinc wall coping is worth considering. A zinc wall coping is durable, timeless, robust and can be integrated into various structures. Zinc wall copings from NedZink are characterized by maintenance-free protection that is easy to install.

Are you considering buying a titanium zinc wall coping? Then NedZink is the right address for you. We will be happy to look with you to ensure that you purchase the right size wall coping for your construction. Curious about the possibilities? Then contact us so that we can provide you with suitable advice.

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