Alternative built up: vapor-tight FOAMGLAS® insulation system

NOTE: the system must be 100% vapor-tight

Because in a warm roof system there is no ventilated cavity between the insulation and the roof, the air-tight FOAMGLAS® material can be applied. Internal condensation or condensation caused by nocturnal cooling is therefore no longer an issue. This is an important difference from a traditional cold roof system. This version with FOAMGLAS® is slimmer and can be used in virtually any shape. There are virtually no limitations on the shape, pitch or length of the roof. The system is ideal in combination with our product range and NedZink NOVA Pro-Tec, with the rearside coating, in particular.

A special metal fixing plate has been developed for the FOAMGLAS® roof and façade applications, which is glued to the insulation material. The insulation itself is again adhered to the substrate. This leads to a construction where the roof with no ongoing attachment to the substrate can be achieved, which results in no cold bridges and no leaks.

The vapor-tight system can be applied to different kind of surfaces.