Reveal Panel system 1 mm ventilated system

See chapter 4 for standard and alternative built ups.

Ventilated façade built up with NedZink reveal panel system

The construction of the façade is built up as follows, beginning on the inside:

1. Building structure – any type, although it must be able to support the insulating material, or have the insulation attached to it
2. Damp control course made of metal or plastic film
3. Supporting rafters – generally made from wood
4. Insulation material according to thermal requirements
5. Ventilated cavity appr. 25 to 30 mm
6. Timber boarding unplaned timber boarding 23 mm minimum thickness, not tongue and groove, installed horizontally with gaps between the boards
Horizontal bays: The gap depends on the placing of the clips for the horizontal bays
Vertical bays: The gap between the timber boards must be at least 5 mm. The boards may be spaced up to 100 mm, to be determined by the builder
7. Reveal Panel system

Reveal Panel System details ventilated vertical bays.

Reveal panel system details ventilated horizontal bays