Zinc roof gutters

Roof gutters must comply with the NEN-EN 612 standards. NedZink standard prefab roof gutters are produced in a standard length of 3 meters. Depending on the type of gutter, different lengths of up to 6 meters can be supplied on request. Non-standard prefab gutters are normally produced from sheets of NedZink material according to drawings supplied by the installer. Non-standard prefab gutters must also comply with NEN-EN 612.

Different types of zinc gutters

Zinc gutters are available in different shapes and sizes:

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Protection against corrosion

A zinc gutter has a natural polish. When in contact with the air and (rain)water,
a zinc carbonate forms on the surface of each zinc gutter. This additional layer is also called the “patina layer” and protects the zinc gutter against corrosion.

A patina layer of zinc develops in approximately 6 to 24 months, depending on the environment and other factors. Because of this patina layer it is not necessary to provide the gutter with any painting or coating to protect it from corrosion.

Why a zinc gutter?

Roof and rain gutters can be made of different materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, copper or zinc are the most common choices. Despite the fact that every type of material has its advantages and disadvantages, nowadays people mainly choose a zinc variant.

A zinc gutter is the most sustainable building material because it can be easily recycled and has a low ecological footprint. In addition, zinc is a material that offers the necessary resistance to weathering and mechanical influences. Because a zinc gutter protects against rust due to its patina layer, it is maintenance free. A zinc gutter can last up to 50 years without sustaining any damage.

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