Fire safety

A roof or façade with a zinc covering, fi tted in accordance with the applicable design and installation guidelines (BRL 5212), does not pose a fi re risk in accordance with NEN 6063. Zinc products fall under Euroclass A1 of NEN-EN 13501-1. Euroclass A1 is the “non-combustible” class.

On this basis, zinc façade cladding applies subject to the requirement that the fire propagation contribution on the façade exterior must comply with Class 1, 2 or 4 of fire propagation in accordance with NEN 6065. In the case of a soldered zinc construction, the connections separate at temperatures of 180 °C and higher. Sheets deform and melt at 420 °C.

A roof or façade construction is built from diverse building materials, and each has a particular fire class. The construction must comply with a fire class according to NEN-EN-13501-1. When determining the fire class of the construction as a whole, an expert must take the different materials, the structure of the construction, fire compartmentation, etc. into account.