About NedZink

NedZink: more than 130 years experience, quality and flexibility!

In 1892 the “Kempensche Zinc Company” KZM was founded by the Belgian family Dor. Billiton in 1968 acquired 50% of the shares of KZM, which in turn Billiton in 1970 became part of Royal Shell Group. The start of production of titanium zinc (from a thermal to a 99.995% electrolytic process) took place in 1973.

In 1995 the production of titanium zinc was sold to the leading international holding company “Koramic Investment Group” and the name of the factory was changed to “NedZink BV”. In 2018 Koramic and ElvalHalcor have signed a joint-venture agreement whereby ElvalHalcor shall acquire a 50% stake in NedZink BV through a capital increase. ElvalHalcor and Koramic will join forces in NedZink on a 50% / 50% basis. Production takes place in the Dutch town of Budel-Dorplein and there are sales offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

As the first producer of rolled construction zinc with quality assurance according to NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 NedZink is a stimulator of durable and technically high quality zinc applications. As a trading partner, NedZink is an inspirer with its reliable provision of knowledge, quality and service. As a market leader in the Netherlands NedZink is a promoter of creative zinc possibilities.

The strength of NedZink is the A-quality and durability of the zinc produced, and in the long-standing tradition of deliberate entrepreneurship while accepting responsibility for people and the environment. Future-oriented business management and investments in up-to-date production techniques further strengthen the market position and create room for new developments.

Innovation remains fascinating and inspiring

Besides thinking and acting on quality, NedZink constantly concentrates on the future. It seeks new openings in the application of construction zinc. Innovation is the guiding motive. As a material zinc has a centuries-old tradition. By constantly applying the existing product in new forms, it remains as fascinating and inspiring as a new discovery. A striking example of such a new opening in the market is NedZink Nova, the prepatinated Titanium Zinc from NedZink. Made for modern, aesthetic building practice.

Investing in efficient, modern techniques

Being in tune with and changing with construction practices would not be possible for NedZink without structural investments in efficient and modern techniques. Each user of NedZink products can make use of this expertise as support in practice. All technical documentation is always available online.

NedZink: more than 130 years experience, quality and flexibility!

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