Zinc rainwater drainage system

The rainwater drainage system is required to drain the rainwater that falls on the roof or facade. A rainwater drainage system consists of gutters and pipes and the accompanying rainwater drainage accessories. The parts of a rainwater drainage system at Nedzink meet the NEN-EN 612 standard.

Rainwater drainage with zinc gutters

Zinc gutters are used for the collection of rainwater. The rainwater is guided through downpipes into a sewer, other disposal point or collector. Gutters are produced in many variations and their use is various. In general, gutters are available in different forms and numerous applications, such as suspended gutters, box gutters, valley gutters etc.

Rainwater drainage with zinc rainwater drainage pipes

Zinc rainwater drainage pipes are located on the zinc gutter and ensures that the collected rainwater is drained to the sewer system or another disposal point. Zinc rainwater drainage pipes are produced in various types. The most common is the round tube, but tubes with square, rectangular and other more angular cross-sections are also used.

The rainwater drainage pipes of the rainwater drainage system

The suspended gutter has a semi-circular cross section, which in the past was made using a piece of round wood. The box gutter has a slightly trough, or box-shaped, cross section. The diagonal gutter has a back height edge in line with the surface of the sloping roof, and a front height edge, which forms a right angle, in other words a ‘diagonal’ design.

Downpipes are produced in various types. The most common is the round tube, but tubes with square, rectangular and other forms can be applied. The standard rainwater downpipes come with a soldered seam or a double seam. The diameter of the tubes is extended at one end so different lengths can be put together. To complete the drainage system the gutters and pipes must be fitted together with end pieces, brackets, bends, gutter outlets etc.

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