U-click cassette system

The U-click system is extremely suitable for cladding facades with NedZink material. With the modular cassette system, aside from the standard pattern size in multiples of 300 mm, custom work on a project basis is also possible. The system is a modular cassette system made up of a hanging system profile and a cassette, which is installed according to the "internal bracket system" and is secured with a fixed fastener.

Technical description

  • grid size is free up to a maximum of 1800 mm
  • joints between the panels are 15 mm
  • corner pieces are variable
  • the build-up starts with an entire panel at the bottom and ends with variable pieces at the top
  • panel thickness is 50 mm

U-click modular cassette system

New ways of thinking about working with NedZink materials have led to very attractive opportunities for the application of this durable cladding system.

The advantages of U-Click for system construction

  • Fast, easy and cost-reducing assembly
  • Complete system with edging and corners.
  • Bi-modular: Connectable on 4 sides. No fixed pattern sixes, giving freedom in the design
  • Maintenance friendly, no periodic cleaning  needed
  • Adds aesthetic value
  • Long service life
  • High economic residual value and recyclable


The  system is a modular cassette system made up of a hanging profile system that can be mounted against a stable, flat substructure. And from a cassette, which is mounted according to the 'internal bracket system' and is secured with a fixed fastener.


Assembly with the 'internal bracket system' offers the possibility of fast, easy, and cost-reducing assembly. The system is bi-modular, meaning that it can be connected on 4 sides. There are no fixed pattern sizes, giving freedom in the design.