Technical specification

The roof drainage system covers a wide range of products including suspended and box gutters, Rainwater downpipes plus all kind of accessories. The products are available in natural, medium grey (NOVA) and dark (NOIR) colour.

For the Dutch market the technical specification for gutters and downpipes is as follows:

Specification standard NedZink-gutters

Box gutter
B300,80 mm3 meter1,728 kg/m
B370,80 mm3 meter2,130 kg/m
B440,80 mm3 meter2,530 kg/m
B550,80 mm3 meter3,170 kg/m
Suspended gutter
M300,80 mm3 meter1,728 kg/m
M370,80 mm3 meter2,130 kg/m
M440,80 mm3 meter2,530 kg/m

** The standard length for prefab NedZink gutters is 3 meter. On request 6 meter is also available.

Rainwater downpipes

Standard downpipes
70 mm1,026 kg/m0,65 mm3 meter
80 mm1,161 kg/m0,65 mm3 meter
100 mm1,451 kg/m0,65 mm3 meter