Flat lock system

The rectangular flat lock tiles offer an elegant cladding solution for large format facades. The tiles provide a longitudinal flat seam. The system uses a simple interlocking fold on all four sides and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. The pre-formed panels are installed with concealed clips.

To ensure the best possible quality and size in relation to the façade, the tiles can be manufactured to the individual requirements.


The façade with flat lock tiles must be supported by a wooden structure, preferable unplaned timber boarding 23-25 mm thick not-tongue-and-grooved. The gaps between the timber boards must be at least 5 to 10 mm. The boards may be spaced up to 100 mm, to be determined by the builder.


The rectangular shaped flat lock tiles/panels interlock into each other on the four sides and are secured with concealed fasteners and clips. The system includes a full range of factory formed clips, fasteners, flashings and finishing elements.

Key advantages:       

  • vertical and horizontal installation
  • interlocking with a single fold on all 4 sides
  • recessed joints with concealed fastenings
  • range of components offering a wide variety of flashing details