NedZink NOVA

Pre-weathered Titanium zinc in sheets, coils and strips

NedZink NOVA is pre-weathered titanium zinc with a matte, subtle brushed surface in a natural medium-grey colour.  The uniform medium-grey surface of NedZink NOVA originates after a chemical surface treatment following the rolling process.  No coating or lacquer layer is applied.  The structure and composition of the patina layer that is normally naturally formed by weather influences is simulated, and the natural properties of the titanium zinc are fully retained. Because NedZink NOVA is mainly used for aesthetically high quality applications, e.g. for façades, the products are provided with temporary surface protection.  This protection prevents minor damage and soiling during processing and assembly, and ensures an optimal appearance after application. On request NedZink NOVA can also be supplied with a transparent self-adhesive protective PE foil.


Pre-weathered titanium zinc in a natural medium-grey colour.

NedZink NOVA


Product description

NedZink NOVA is pre-weathered titanium zinc with a matte subtle brushed surface in a natural medium-grey colour.

It is mainly used for aesthetically high quality building applications for roofs and façades, and associated roof drainage systems and accessories.

NedZink NOVA is titanium zinc according to EN 988 which undergoes a patination process. This is an alloy based on electrolytically refined zinc (with a purity of min. 99,995% Zn, Z1 according to EN 1179) with small additions of the alloy elements copper, titanium and aluminium. The chemical composition, mechanical and physical properties and measurement tolerances are determined in the KOMO product certificate and the product certificate from Lloyd’s Register, LRIQS (Approval QIS122).

The defined material properties are checked by an independent and neutral research institute. This product certification and the ISO 9001:2008 certificate for the quality management system at NedZink assure a constant and uniform high quality standard, far exceeding EN 988.

Product range

Transport and storage

NedZink products are packed and sent dry. The advice is to store titanium zinc dry and in a constant as possible temperature. This reduces the probability of condensation formation.


NedZink NOVA is assembled with the visible side on the outside. The assembly direction, indicated with arrows on the backside, must always be respected. Upon request NedZink NOVA is available with a foil on the surface to protect the surface during transport and assembly. This foil should be removed immediately and in one smooth motion after assembly at the construction site. Mechanical deformation of zinc below 7°C material temperature (and removal of the protective foil) is not allowed. A temporary protective coating is also applied to protect the surface against fingerprints (AFP-coating).

Properties of the material

A continuous stamp is applied to the back of all products in accordance with the provisions of EN988 with the markings:
– NedZink NTZ
– The name titanium zinc in 4 languages; Dutch, German, French and English
– Product standard EN 988
– The nominal thickness
– Batch number
– Year of production
– The logos of KOMO and Lloyd’s Register

The products supplied when incorporated within any system, compliant with the suppliers guidelines for processing and installation, will remain water impervious and not perforate due to manufacturing defects.

For additional information about the product range and the processing of NedZink products, see furhter on this website