Marine training centre Den Helder, The Netherlands

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“NedZink NOVA offers good resistance to the elements”
NLBEOPS is a new education and training centre on the naval base in Den Helder. The design and construction of the impressive modern building is practical and quite ingenious. The stepped façade conceals the large volume of no less than 13,000 m2 of floor space. According to the architect Patrick Coleman of Dienst Vastgoed Defensie, the building merges seamlessly with the surrounding buildings, which are also clad in metal. “One of the reasons why I opted for NedZink NOVA. The façade cladding must be able to withstand the elements because the building is located close to the sea. NedZink NOVA is the perfect choice. It has a uniform matte patina, is durable and gives the building a smart elegant look. My experience has been so positive that I will be using the attractive zinc again very soon.” The sleek contours of the windows are in perfect harmony with the linear horizontal bays of NedZink NOVA. A remarkable example of zinc processing by zinc master Ridder Metalen Dak- en Wandsystemen BV, supervised by the contractor J.P. van Eesteren.

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