Office with NedZink NUANCE Green

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“Assembly details emphasise the special colour of NedZink NUANCE Green”
Bets en Oudendorp Architecten from Amsterdam’s choice of complementary cladding for the vertical windows of this office in Haarlem, was quite remarkable: NedZink NUANCE Green. Twin-Cam Installatie from Rozenburg skilfully installed the uniform green sections of NedZink NUANCE Green along with the product specialist from the zinc supplier Zinkunie Rotterdam. Jan de Vos from Twin-Cam Installatie explains that the work was carried out by a construction team in which the parties involved were afforded plenty of freedom to apply their technical craftsmanship. “Together we installed the prefab profiled sheets of NedZink NUANCE Green on a ventilated wooden support structure. We slid each section of zinc into profiles so that the sections can move independently of one another. They were subsequently secured together using a double seam. The special colour of NedZink NUANCE Green gets an opportunity to shine thanks to the details of the assembly.”

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