Impressive barn-style house with NedZink NOVA

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“The interplay of lines created by NedZink NOVA never gets boring”
This impressive new barn-style house in Veghel immediately catches the eye due to the enchanting interplay of lines. The entire roof and the façades are clad from ground level to the ridge with different widths of vertical sheets of NedZink NOVA. “A brilliant idea by architect Johan van der Rijt from Compen Architecten in Eindhoven”, explains director Jack Bax from the zinc master Bax Koper- en Zinkspecialist from Bergeijk. His firm meticulously installed the NedZink NOVA standing seam bays on top of the ventilated wooden support structure. “Because the architect had designed an attractive pattern comprising three bay widths of NedZink NOVA, the interplay of lines and the colour scheme never gets boring. What’s more, it is a zero-energy house with a solar panel system incorporated in the roof, fixed to a steel sheet piling with a damp-proof membrane. As a result the panels are at level with the zinc sheets. We cut and profile the standing seam bays from NedZink NOVA coils in our own workshop. For this project we subsequently installed the high-quality zinc within three weeks, seamlessly incorporating the solar panel system with the zinc standing seam bays.”

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