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Long bays of NedZink NOVA produce a robust roll cap villa roof
The NedZink NOVA bays on the roll cap roof are no less than 10 metres long, enhancing a stunning villa in the rural district of Dubbeldam in Dordrecht. Apart from creating a chic look, the NedZink NOVA roll cap bays give the substantial roof the robust look and the necessary contrast in materials aimed for by the architect Krijn Ratsma from the architects firm Casa Ratsma from Dirksland – contemporary yet modern, sleek but still warm. This affords the patinated zinc a wonderful affinity with the adjacent historical farm with its thatched roof. “The artisan zinc-processing method gives the roll cap roof a sleek appearance, but it is not overly industrial”, the architect emphasises. According to managing director Robert de Hamer, from the Middelburg zinc master Jobse Leidekker- en Restauratiebedrijf, his company developed a special method for producing set roll cap roofs in longer lengths. “The roll cap bays were assembled in parts in our workshop up to a length of ten metres, from a single piece. The capping was also produced in the same way. We allowed the client a glimpse behind the scenes. He admired the production process and could live with the minimal differential settlement, inherent to the craft.”

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