Special systems

GDS cladding profiles.

The GDS facade profiles fit every type of building. Whether it’s renovation or new construction.

GDS cladding profiles are classic, stylish and contemporary in one.

The durable GDS cladding profile is like a second skin for all sorts of buildings. It provides protection against UV-radiation, rain and wind. The profiles are designed to be easy to install. The standard profiles form the base for covering the façade with this system. They also offer solutions for developing inside and outside corners.

GDS cladding profile

GDS border profile

GDS inside corner profile

 GDS outside profile

When installing, there are two principles you must respect at all time:

  • zinc expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuationsalways place and fasten the profiles so that dilation is possible
  • make sure that effective ventilation behind the zinc cladding is possible