Zinc has a natural place in our process cycles

Zinc substantially helps the preservation of our environment. Thanks to the reduced acidity of rainwater, the already considerable life of construction zinc is becoming increasingly longer. Because zinc is 100% recyclable, the original metal can be used time and time again without losing its properties. This cuts the energy demand over the whole life cycle for (re)production, as well as emission quantities and waste.

The best choice for a long life and an optimal image

As a building material in roofing and façade cladding and rainwater drainage systems, zinc has ultimate sustainability because of its long life and because it can be used again afterwards. Architects who think zinc are particularly enthusiastic about the application possibilities and appearance. Clients are aware of the added value for their real estate. They can also count on the absence of maintenance costs. The government stimulates these deliberate choices which contribute to the protection and embellishment of the environment.

More information

More information you can find in IZA’s (International Zinc Association) brochure ‘Zinc in the Environment’.