Rainwater downpipes

Rainwater downpipes are made from NedZink NTZ® and must meet EN 612. Standard prefab lengths are 2 and 3 meters. Non-standard downpipes can be supplied. Non-standard prefab downpipes must also meet EN 612. Rainwater downpipes can be supplied as a rounded, square, or rectangular model. The longitudinal seam is welded and one of the ends is expanded. Table 3.2 below contains the standard rainwater downpipes.

Standard rainwater downpipes

Round 80 mm1,161 kg/m0,65 mm2 & 3 m
Round 100 mm1,451 kg/m0,65 mm2 & 3 m
Square 80 mm1,485 kg/m0,65 mm2 & 3 m
Square 100 mm1,860 kg/m0,65 mm2 & 3 m

Table 3.2

• The down pipes are hung from above to below.
• In principle, the rainwater downpipes are not soldered, they are slipped in to one another with a min. overlap of 50 mm.
• The upper short length of piping may not be able to press against the bottom side of the gutter and must therefore have at least 20 mm space.
• The outlet piece must be slipped at least 50 mm into the downpipe, so that the projecting outlet piece must be 70 mm in length.
• Each length of piping must be bracketed at least once.
• The brackets must be attached at a maximum of 2 meters distance, and the upper bracket must be installed at least 1 meter under the gutter bottom, see Figure
• The distance between the back of the pipe and the façade must be at least 30 mm.
• The bracket spacing is 2 meters.
• To make lateral movement of the gutter possible, the first hinge bracket is to be placed 1 meter from the bottom of the gutter.
• The distance between the bottom gutter and top of the drain pipe is to be at least 20 mm to allow for expansion of the tube.