NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE is a panel consisting of two layers of preweathered zinc ‘NedZink NOVA’ and a LDPE core. This combination creates a stiff and flat panel which is perfect for cladding applications. Gluing, cassettes, clamping or screwing, for any application a solution is available.

With a layer of polyethylene  between  two  layers  of  zinc, NOVA COMPOSITE can easily be used as a cassette. Self-coloured, rigid and extremely stable – enabling untold applications of zinc.

Numerous application possibilities with NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE



Product description

NedZink’s NOVA COMPOSITE gives the qualities of zinc an extra dimension. Its many talents lend themselves to new ideas in façades, roofs and interiors. With a layer of polyethylene between two layers of zinc, NOVA COMPOSITE can be easily processed with standard tools, routed into cassettes or simply screwed or riveted into position. Self-coloured, rigid and extremely stable – enabling untold applications of zinc.

NOVA COMPOSITE opens the way to new ideas, new forms, new structures, a new drive. The very special character of zinc captures the properties of a new and practical building material. NOVA COMPOSITE is ideal as a maintenance-free material that stands up to the elements superbly. The strength and stability of the panels are a major advantage. This, combined with the elegant appearance of the prepatinated zinc, produces a product of exceptional quality and appearance.

NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE can be applied to large façade coverings without any wave formation. Even panels of 1,000 x 6,000 mm can be applied. Rounded elements and forms are easily realized. Given the appearance and versatility of the product the opportunities for creative design are endless.

Thanks to this new development, NedZink has clearly expanded the possibilities of titanium zinc façade covering and offers architects, developers and craftsmen a product that is suitable for a wide range of different possibilities.

Transport and storage

NedZink products are packed and sent dry. The advice is to store titanium zinc dry and in a constant as possible temperature. This reduces the probability of condensation formation.


NedZink NOVA COMPOSITE is supplied with a foil on the surface to protect the surface during transport and assembly. This foil should be removed immediately and in one smooth motion after assembly at the construction site. Mechanical deformation of zinc below 7°C material temperature (and removal of the protective foil) is not allowed.

The products supplied when incorporated within any system, compliant with the suppliers guidelines for processing and installation, will remain water impervious and not perforate due to manufacturing defects.

For additional information about the product range and the processing of NedZink products, see further on this website