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Today, under the watchful eye of Mayor Van Kessel, the Queen’s Commissioner Mrs Adema and Commissioner Mr. Satijn, we cast the first zinc in a special commemorative coin. This commemorative coin is the final chord in the construction of our new factory and also marks the beginning of a new era for NedZink. An era that will take shape under a new strategy and associated slogan ‘Shaping the Future’.

Sustainable and responsible business
With the opening of our new sustainable factory, we are showing that our position as market leader in the Netherlands also involves a social responsibility. A responsibility to deal sustainably with natural resources. To reduce emissions and to organise zinc production as economically as possible. The Olympus project, which took more than three years to complete, is also a reference to the excellent technical cooperation with our Greek shareholder ElvalHalcor. With this new plant, our production will increase significantly and we will be able to expand our current position worldwide.

Together we are shaping the Future.


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