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Zinc is a powerful element that occurs naturally in the environment, such as rocks, soil and water. It therefore fits perfectly in a sustainable society. In addition, zinc also plays a very important role in the biological processes of humans, animals and plants.

Reliable, a long service life and recyclable are 3 important properties of zinc. NedZink visualized these 3 important properties in different infographics.

Infographic: Seven Advantages of NedZink

When covering a roof or facade, you want to be sure that the material used is durable, has a beautiful appearance and, above all, lasts long and is maintenance-free. Zinc has these advantages. If you compare the natural product with other metals, you even come up with seven advantages.

We have visualized all these advantages in an Infographic

Infographic: Building sustainability with NedZink

From a sustainability point of view, NedZink is an excellent and responsible choice. We have gathered the scientifically substantiated arguments that demonstrate this in the infographic below ‘Building sustainably with NedZink’.

Infographic: Naturally! NedZink NOIR

NedZink NOIR is a pre-weathered titanium zinc in a modern-, black colour. In below Infographic we have summarized the advantages of NedZink NOIR ‘Naturally! NedZink NOIR’.

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