Corner building in NedZink NATUREL

“Anything’s possible with NedZink NATUREL”

In the centre of Dorpsstraat on the corner with the market square in Nunspeet (The Netherlands), an elegant three-floor corner building towers above its neighbours. The ground floor of anthracite-coloured brick supports the first, white floor containing apartments, which is topped by a splendid roof of vertical NedZink NATUREL sheets. A superb design by Nunspeet’s Slaa + van Asselt architects, meticulously implemented by local zinc worker Klaas de Bruin: Koper, Lood en Zinkwerken. Klaas de Bruin obtained the prefab NedZink NATUREL sheets from zinc supplier Zinkunie in Boxtel, to enable the optimal use of the zinc. “We customise them on-site, fold the sides, and mount them on to the ventilated wooden support structure one by one using stainless steel clips.  We integrated the sheets from the two dormers in the hip roof to achieve an optimal result.  The great thing about NedZink NATUREL is its versatility. In fact, you can do anything with the material, no matter how tricky a particular angle is.”