Timeless NedZink NATUREL

“NedZink NATUREL, a perfect choice for understated architecture in the middle of the countryside”

In the centre of a large plot, formerly home to a pig farm in the rural area of Stramproy in North Limburg (The Netherlands), stands a modern country home. Its aesthetic harmony stands out immediately: the saddle roof in sleek, vertical NedZink NATUREL sheets looks stunning combined with the reddish-brown brick, glass, and wood.  The lowered roof rests entirely between the façade sections and is fitted with concealed gutters and integrated rainwater downpipes. “The zinc roof is inlaid in a surrounding frame in the façade walls”, explains architect Teo Bähler from BenW architects in Soerendonk. “A look that is totally consistent with the walls of masonry with no butt joints. The deep edge joints create an impression of long, horizontal brick panels that reflect the simplicity of the rural architecture that was used. The timeless NedZink NATUREL blends seamlessly into this design – is not at all ‘flashy’, and complements the understated architecture in the middle of the countryside.  What’s more, the material will acquire a wonderful grey colour over time. That is a great feature because the surrounding trees, flowers, and grass are also constantly changing.