Stairwell in NedZink NOIR

“Stairwell acquires prestige with NedZink NOIR”

Architect Johan van der Rijt from Compen Architecten in Eindhoven is adamant: NedZink NOIR affords the connecting stairwell between two newly-joined residential blocks in Brabant’s Sint-Oedenrode a certain prestige. The vertical NedZink NOIR sheets – expertly processed into a curved, ventilated wooden support structure by the zinc master Ridder Skins for Buildings from Zwaag – constitute a well-thought-out choice by the Eindhoven architectural firm. “The stairwell links the two brick apartment complexes. Remarkably, all the homes were constructed sustainably and benefit from a zero EPC value. This is enhanced by a natural and ‘living’ material like NedZink NOIR. Moreover, the dark glow of the zinc creates a beautiful aesthetic contrast with the brown tones of the two heavier volumes of the brick residential units. After passing through the glass entrance and the zinc space, residents truly feel at home.”