NedZink NOVA: a beautiful, stylish material

“A result that exceeded expectations thanks to NedZink NOVA”

A 'keurslager' butcher represents quality. Therefore, it deserves an appealing façade covering that conveys this. A beautiful, stylish material that contrasts with the traditional property, which reflects the modern shop interior and immediately displays its final colour composition. 

Hence the choice for NedZink NOVA. Designer Bart van Schendel of Architektenburo Van Schendel from Hank sings the praises of the versatile NedZink NOVA. His design for the extension of the butcher's existing property is a striking combination of rectangular windows, dark, horizontal aluminium ducts and sleek vertical sheets of NedZink NOVA. The result is very pleasing thanks to NedZink NOVA’s grey patina. It even exceeded expectations.