NedZink NOVA dormers

New nursing home 'Eugeria' with forty dormers in NedZink NOVA

Jorissen Simonetti architecten in Rijssen designed the stunning new nursing home Eugeria in Almelo (The Netherlands). The building is fitted with forty dormers in NedZink NOVA. “To obtain the sleek look and feel, we seamed the high sections of the prefab dormers with NedZink NOVA in our workshop,” explains director Marcel Krikhaar from zinc master BouwMetaal. “This working method offers the advantage that you can make the NedZink NOVA waterproof and a perfect fit at working height. Afterwards the dormers are installed once we have finished the edges. The difference with wall cladding is that you are working with smaller surfaces when it comes to dormers. This makes it easier to work with. There’s also the risk of a greater loss of materials. The colour scheme of the sustainable NedZink NOVA is very attractive and looks great with the other natural materials applied. Moreover, NedZink NOVA has its own original look. That’s what’s so fantastic about this type of zinc.”