NedZink NOIR in Veghel (The Netherlands)

Horizontal standing seam system in NedZink NOIR

They stand handsomely in line on the roof of this robust house in Veghel in Brabant. The seven dormer windows and gables covered in horizontal NedZink NOIR standing seam bays are aesthetically pleasing in combination with the other materials used. Zinc master Bax Copper and Zinc specialist flawlessly executed the design by the architect Leenders Architecten & Ingenieurs from Veghel. “We were already involved in the project at an early stage. We also effectively coordinated the logistics,” emphasises director Jack Bax. “First I take precise measurements of the ventilated sub-structure. We use them to produce work drawings. They serve as the basis for setting and folding the NedZink NOIR in our workshop. The next step is to number the zinc sheets so that they can be fitted quickly and accurately at the project location. NedZink NOIR is a beautiful deep black.”