Horizontal standing seam

Sleek lines created with NedZink NOVA horizontal standing seam sheets

Fine homes with lots of light, air and space in a modern residential care centre in Woerdblokeiland in Naaldwijk. Here residents enjoy their twilight years to the full, partly thanks to the four large, beautifully designed residential villas - a remarkably playful design by the Rotterdam architect firm Rutten van der Weijden. On the outside, at the transition between the ground and first floor, five hundred square metres of horizontal NedZink NOVA standing seam bays flow supply, concave and convex across the four residential villas. They bind everything together. A fine example of craftsmanship by zinc master Ridder Skins for Buildings, explains project consultant Dennis Reek with pride. “The fascinating horizontal lines of NedZink NOVA demand focus and precision. The three-metre long sheets are shaped in advance. We produced special moulds for the laser-measured concave and convex sheets. The NedZink NOVA prefab sheets were subsequently put together at the construction site like the pieces of a puzzle and installed on the ventilated sub-structure with precision.”