NedZink NATUREL round façade

NedZink NATUREL horizontal roll cap system chosen for round façade

A round zinc façade always presents a challenge. The external wall in NedZink NATUREL at the premises of AutoHaarhuis in Geesteren (The Netherlands) is no exception. Especially due to the horizontal sheets designed by the architect Building Design Architecture in Zenderen. Director Marcel Krikhaar from the zinc master BouwMetaal is proud of his craftsmanship, and rightly so. “The NedZink NATUREL showroom façade is pure customisation: round, exciting and playful. The curved seam bays and sheets were produced in advance in our workshop; the connections were attached later at the construction site. You cannot mount endlessly long sheets because you must work with the round form. So, the short NedZink NATUREL sheets were fixed to a ventilated wooden sub-structure using a hook system and seam-folded over each other. NedZink NATUREL is ideal in this type of situation, because it is easily pliable. It can also be effortlessly worked without the risk of damage. What’s more the colour blends perfectly with the other materials used.”