City hall with NedZink NOIR

 NedZink NOIR totally consistent with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy

“The Amsterdam architect firm RAU uses NedZink NOIR a lot in its designs. This is commendable since this sustainable material is perfectly consistent with the cradle-to-cradle philosophy,” states director George Westgeest from the zinc master Elshof Metaaldak. His firm expertly used the anthracite-coloured zinc in a vertical standing seam roof system for the new city hall in Wageningen, in accordance with one of RAU’s designs. “We used sheet widths to achieve a stunning result. As a rule, zinc must be fitted without any tension whatsoever because, to a certain extent, it is a ‘living’ material. We cautiously made the seams higher to emphasise the lines. The high seams combined with the smooth surfaces produce visually vertical pencil lines. This provides a striking contrast to the white horizontal lines on the walls of the city hall. That’s what makes the project so extraordinary.”